Solving carbon offsets'
no. 1 problem


Verification of a project requires

yearly on-site measurements by trained professionals.


This means that only projects larger than 20,000 ha are commercially viable for carbon offsets.

That's 40,000

soccer fields

Our solution

Genvision uses satellite images and revolutionary AI to instantly measure and verify carbon offset projects.

This unlocks a 10X of the current supply of forests and wetlands,

no matter how small or remote the project.

Our unfair advantage

We simulate how plants grow in 3D, generating carbon storage data for millions of unique natural landscapes.

Given that almost no accurate carbon storage data exists today,

this gives us an unfair advantage in calculating the amount of carbon stored in real forest.

Our product

We enable landowners to generate carbon offsets from their privately owned land, financially incentivizing people across the globe to preserve their forests and wetlands

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